Finding an Apartment for My New Start

When my husband and I separated, there was no doubt that I would be the one leaving our home. It was a home that his grandparents had built, and I never did feel like it was truly mine. We just could not make our marriage work, and I was ready for a fresh start. The beginning of that new start was looking at Lowell MA apartments online. I was tired of living on a farm 20 minutes outside the city. The commute back and forth every day was boring, plus I missed being in the middle of all the action.

I knew that an apartment in Lowell would be perfect for me, especially since there are so many really nice ones that are close to my work. Read More…

Rental Properties

I have found a wonderful area to rent. The area is close to downtown, but still far enough away as to not be in the hustle and bustle of traffic. The business district is only minutes away allowing convenience in driving to work every day. It would be close to the schools for the kids and also in a safe and very well maintained and in the nearby housing developments. In looking their are a variety of choices which are 3 and 4 bedroom and 2 bath home with its own yard and attached garage or a townhouse that also has 3 and 4 bedroom and 2 bath with a garage. I find that renting may be a better investment, rather than purchasing due to the uncertainties of the economy right now. Their may always be a possibility of renting to own in the future for either of the properties. Taking the opportunity through renting, allows the property to be maintained and property kept up by the landlord which also alleviates some worry and stress from taxes on a purchase, maintenance bills and also big costs associated with purchasing. When I rent the amount is normally the 1st and last months rent which is the deposit. The cost is far lower and also not locked in except for the lease which is normally a year. I do believe that renting can be the answer for me and the property location and type will meet that important need I have at this time in my life.

An Elliptical Machine Helped Me Lose 20 Pounds

I have looked in the mirror many times in a single day before, but a few months ago, I took a really good and very honest look at myself. I had let myself go so gradually that I really had not noticed just how out of shape I had become. I was not extremely overweight, but I knew that I needed to lose at least 20 pounds to look and feel better. I did not want to join a gym, and walking in my neighborhood is too hard so I went online to find the best elliptical exercise machine that I could buy.

I did not want this to be something I did just to lose 20 pounds and then forget about. Read More…